How we are greenGreen


All of our house papers are not only recycled but FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets high standards to ensure sustainable forestry practices. They dictate logging and renewal operations and require that the new trees used to produce the paper are replanted. Recycled paper is good but paper with recycled content that is FSC certified is even better!


One of our considerations when choosing our press was how friendly our toner is. Our machine uses a silica and wax based toner which bonds to the paper through heat, rather than absorbing into the paper, making the "ink" much cleaner to remove from the paper fiber. This leaves the paper fibers relatively clean, requiring fewer harsh chemicals to "deink" the paper for reuse.

Internal Practices

We understand that printing on paper can be wasteful. At Fresh off the Press we do everything we can to keep our footprint to a minimum. Because digital printing requires little set up (as compared to traditional offset printing), we waste very little paper. The paper we do have to scrap does get recycled. Unlike offset printing, digital presses do not require harsh petroleum based chemicals for wash-ups. Keeping such chemicals out of our water systems.